If you have a dispute with the IRS or the state, we can provide you the assistance you need. You need a tax attorney who knows the best way to appeal your tax issue. The tax attorneys at Bailey Law can provide the expertise needed for your side of the case.

Audit Representation

Do you need help because your tax returns are being audited? An audit is no fun, and a bad situation can be made worse if you don’t know what you are doing. Let Bailey Law use their decades of experience to help you.

Installment Agreements

If you owe taxes an Installment Agreement may be an option for you. Installment Agreements allow you to pay your tax debt in monthly payments over time.

Penalty Abatements

The Internal Revenue Service almost always adds penalties and interest when you owe tax. While there is no guarantee, Bailey Law does know when abatement might be available in certain situations and can help you seek that relief.

State Representation

Each state has differing procedures and regulations. Bailey Law has tax attorneys with experience and advanced knowledge to help you with the variety of situations you might face, whether it is income, sales, excise, property or other types of state and local tax.

Tax Court Representation

Our attorneys train and follow legislative changes to make sure you have quality representation. If your tax matter requires going to court, we know what to do.

Tax Return Preparation

Complex personal or business situations mean complex tax returns. If you want to have your return prepared in a professional manner, then you need the experience of an attorney with a Masters of Law in Taxation. Bailey Law has exactly that and we understand complex returns.

Wage Levies or Garnishments

If your taxes go unpaid, the government can and will issue a wage levy and/or garnish your wages. We can help to provide you the most benefit and relief available under the law in those situations.

Tax Law Controversy

The tax laws are hugely complicated, and continue to change constantly. When you have a dispute, let the professionals at Bailey Law help to solve the problems or controversy you might face. Negotiated settlements, or litigation, we are able and experienced with dealing with the IRS and states. Each case is different, and an in-depth analysis of your specific facts by our staff will be the starting point.

Bailey Law also can help you with:

  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • IRS Account Investigation
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Payroll Tax Representation
  • Sales Tax Representation